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Restrictive Covenants Modification

Ready to make a Restrictive Covenant change?

What Are Restrictive Covenants?

Discriminatory restrictions recorded on some properties to prevent people from specific races, national origins, religions, or ethnic backgrounds from purchasing or renting these properties.

Why Should We Modify Restrictive Covenants?

While no longer enforceable, these covenants can still exist at the top of the title chain. We believe these Restrictive Covenants are repulsive - let's work together to modify this shameful past.

Where Do Restrictive Covenants Exist?

Unfortunately, this practice was widespread in the development of Seattle and neighboring areas throughout Washington. You may view the work done by the University of Washington to provide more visibility into this topic.

View the The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project.

How We Help to Modify Restrictive Covenants


Clients work with their Broker to schedule a virtual appointment with John L. Scott® to complete and sign the Restrictive Covenant Modification document.

Items Required:
  • Grantor (property owner name(s))
  • Legal Description of the Property
  • Tax Parcel Number
  • Any supporting documentation in digital format

John L. Scott® will submit the modification to the appropriate County Recorder's office for processing/recording.

John L. Scott® will notify you and your Broker when the document has been recorded.

How can I find out if a property contains Restrictive Covenants?

Land title records can help determine if a Restrictive Covenant is related to your property. These records are public and searchable for free:

Restrictive Covenants can also appear on the owner’s title insurance policy. Clients can ask their John L. Scott® Broker for more information.

What is the End Result from Modifying these Restrictive Covenants?

Recording of the Restrictive Covenant Modification form provides notice in the title records that the restrictive covenant is void and unenforceable. It will not delete the historic record, but instead it legally strikes the void and illegal provisions from the original document.

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